wereBot Circuit Board
wereBot Circuit Board


An IR beacon that transmits a single ASCII character as an identifier at a 4hz rate. The transmissions are sychronized to the mains. Transmitted IDs at a baud rate of 1200bps with 'bits' being bursts of 38khz such that simple IR receivers can be used on the RPi as the entire receiving interface using the existing serial console (after being configured for general purpose serial interface rather than system console).

Transmissions at 1200bps are finished within 1/2 of a 60hz mains cycle so that the zero crossings of the mains can be used to synchonize multiple beacons within one space (typically one room of a house or building). To minimize cost, the beacons have no knowledge of other beacons and avoid collision of transmission statistically (collisions will happen but infrequently).
Find Yo Bot... better yet, have him find himself!

"ease Robot locational paranoia"

Initial features/specs 
  - 110vac only
  - 4hz id rate
  - open hardware/sw design
  - don't like my code? It's a AVR, change it!
  - centerline flashing LED for homing
  - c/l led flash in time slots IR doesn't TX
  - 3 'shaded' IR emiters with overlap (180deg fan)
  - input serial TTL to change ID
  - price $50 avail limited quan Oct2015---
  - order via email, we'll work something out

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wereBot circuit board